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Enjoy a better payment experience

OzuraPay's merchant dashboard makes it easy for businesses to manage their transactions and customer data. Our intuitive dashboard allows business owners to track sales, inventory, payment type and other user data—all in one place.


We make it easy for your business to stay compliant with industry regulations & standards.


Flexible pricing options to fit any kind of business model


Our analytics and reporting features allow you to identify potential risks and implement corrective actions quickly & efficiently

We make banking simple and seamless

OzuraPay is a next-generation payment processor that bridges the gap between web2 and web3. Merchants can easily accept a wide variety of currencies—including cryptocurrencies along with rewarding digital reward tokens without ever having to understand how blockchain works. OzuraPay is built with the utmost amount of security—providing top-of-the-line encryption and fraud detection to keep transactions safe and secure. Merchants can access detailed transaction reports and analytics, giving them a better understanding of their crypto sales.

Our Services


Credit and debit card payment solutions for card-present transactions. In-app, mobile site or hardware.

Rewards Program

Next generation loyalty system, with rewards stored on a decentralized ledger

Buy Now Pay Later

Allow users to make purchases and pay them later or at a future date over installment payments.

Cross Border Payments

We give businesses global access to local markets to avoid cross-border fees while giving preferred foreign exchange rates

Digital Asset Issuance

Allows merchants to reward or issue digital assets without having to interact with blockchain

Card Issuing

A multi-functional card gives clients immediate access to money. Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay are supported.

How do we mitigate fraud and chargebacks?

OzuraPay leverages cutting-edge technology, including Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain, to eliminate fraud and chargebacks. With the use of Ozura's proprietary Proof of Delivery (POD), Proof of Purchase (POP), and Proof of Receipt (POR) protocols, transactions are securely verified and validated, providing merchants with unparalleled protection for their business. OzuraPay's unique approach sets it apart from other payment companies in the market.


Digital Asset Receipts, or DARs, are a new way for businesses to track and manage user data.

Assets = Consumer data

Ozura has a unique way to build and acquire customer data. Through the Ozura Flagship Assets, (but not limited to) Avatars and Metahomes, Ozura is able to create and uniquely design our customers’ digital profile. Each digital asset is a unique piece of code that is able to be tracked and compiled. Every individual user has a consumer profile based entirely around the assets they store.

Ozura Card

Our loyalty card offers unique rewards for its users. With every transaction, card holders can earn $OZ which can be redeemed for loyalty rewards including digital items, physical goods and experiences—with lower costs for merchants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 44 million merchant locations in more than 200 locations. 

The short answer is yes. There are some providers that make it simple and easy to integrate into. If your existing hardware isn't compatible and you meet our volume requirements we will send you compatible hardware for free.

If you aren't using an Ozura issued merchant account (which normally receives same time settlements), normal batch out requests are 1-2 business days via ACH.

With OzuraPay our fees are dynamic with your business— meaning rates aren't locked in forever and will always change in favor of your business growing. With that being said, OzuraPay still undercuts a majority of its competitors.  

OzuraPay was designed to be completely modular. Each of its services are able to be white labeled for merchants to resell. Our competitive fee structure allows merchants to keep industry standard rates while still offering our superior technology.

OzuraPay offers a free consultation over the phone. During these calls, we will understand your business and its needs to help point you in a direction that will best fit your business. 

While cryptocurrency is volatile and speculative, blockchain isn't. OzuraPay utilizes DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and blockchain to create value without ever having to touch cryptocurrency.